Class Projects

At the end of each program, the class forms teams based on a common area of interest, and each team make a final presentation of their project. This final class is generally attended by members of the Board of Supervisors, County officials, presenters of the classes, and other invitees. Below is a list of many of the project presentations made in previous years.

2014 Projects:

After School Academy

Community Pool

Educating Fluvanna Students

Effective Communication

Potential Revenue Sources for Fluvanna’s Changing Economy

Promoting Tourism in Fluvanna County

Previous years presentations:

Adult Education in Fluvanna County

Columbia’s Future

Community Utilization of FCHS

Economic Development in Adjacent Counties

Economic Development-What Is It and What Makes It Happen

Economic Development–What Makes It Happen and Examples from Adjacent Counties

Emergency Communication System

Fluvanna County Volunteer Database Project

Fluvanna Visions 2030

Fluvanna Volunteers

Fluvanna’s Top Issues

Joint Water Authority Pipeline-Communications Case Study

Joint Water Authority Pipeline–Financial Feasibility

Pleasant Grove

Rosenwald Project

Suggestions for Promoting Fluvanna Businesses


Turning RCHS Into a Community Beacon

What Services Are Needed in Fluvanna That Are Not Provided

Zero Based Budgeting

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